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November - December 2018 Bulletin

Welcome to your Multi-Parish Singles (MPS) extended family! Our family is comprised of single adults including single parent families (see events on the MPS calendar preceded by "SP").

The MPS vision is to be the most hospitable group in our Valley of sunniness (based on mutual dignity and respect; governed by the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments).

Our mission is to work as a team to provide options for individual growth and development in a healthy and wholesome, down-to-earth, Singles fellowship environment. We offer affordable, quality charitable, cultural, educational, recreational, spiritual, and other fellowship events to all Singles (includes those never-married, single parents, divorced and widowed) age 21 and over. Activities allowing us to meet new faces and see new places in a non-threatening atmosphere (have no fear), are numerous and varied, as reflected in our monthly calendar. It is said that Singles can pick up the MPS calendar and decide on the spur of the moment to attend an MPS event feeling confident they will be warmly welcomed.

As noted above, our support includes those who are healing from loss of a significant relationship. Although not a requirement, those grieving from such loss are invited to participate in healing processes offered at neighboring churches before attending social activities. An example of a support program for those who are healing is, Beginning Experience at

Our monthly calendar normally includes activities for the current month and the first week of the following month. Adding activities to our calendar is a casual, informal process. Please feel free to suggest Singles events you'd like to see on our calendar.

We best serve the Singles community by keeping costs low and logistical requirements simple, e.g., we maintain an Email distribution list only, for our monthly MPS calendar. Otherwise, our calendar may be accessed on the Internet (see header, above), or obtained at one of our network churches. The final option for obtaining a copy is to send a self-addressed, postage-paid, long envelope(s) to representatives listed on page 4 of the MPS Calendar.

The MPS family owes its resounding success to Singles contributing their God-given abilities, knowledge, skills, and talents for the sake of the common good. Sooner or later we reap what we sow. We have nothing to be afraid of, if we sow goodness (have no fear)! Your personal commitment to our ministry would be most welcome. May grace, happiness, harmony, joy and laughter come your way...

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